Full Stack Web Developer & Linux System Admin

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Experienced web developer proficient in MERN/PERN Stack, Next.js, TypeScript, and adept with advanced databases. Consistently delivers cutting-edge web solutions that blend creativity and technical finesse. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to create exceptional user experiences and Linux System Administrator having vast hands-on working experience using Linux cloud server .


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript , React.js , Next.js , Nest.js , Zustand , Redux , Redux Toolkit , RTK Query, Axios , Node.js , Express.js , Prisma, MongoDB , Mongoose , PostgreSQL, Linux , Cloud Server, AWS , Open-Source Software , Git , GitHub , GitLab, Ubuntu , Docker, Tailwind CSS , Shadcn UI , daisyUI, Flowbite, MUI, Figma to HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, Crypto exchange deployment, Crypto Node deployment, Jitsi Meet, SMS Gateway, SMPP.

Professional Experience

Linux System Administrator

Working on StudiaNova Aug 2020 - Present (3+ years) as a System Admin. StudiaNova is the only online virtual school that provides micro virtual classNamees with small numbers of students.

Front-End Projects

1. Used Phone ResaleClient Code|Server Code|Live Site

Features: e have a header slider option. In the home section you can see 3 more options. You Can create an account here using your email and google. You can check out any booking service and pay the bill. You can create an account as a seller or buyer. If you are a seller then you can post a service for sale.

Tech: eact JS, Express JS, MongoDB, Stripe

2. Fabulous Service ReviewClient Code|Server Code|Live Site

Features: n the home section, you can see more than 3 options. You can create an account here using your email and google. You can check an order review page and leave a review for this order. You can see your review on the /my-reviews route. You can also update and delete your reviews.

Tech: eact JS, Express JS, MongoDB

3. Rakib Learning PlatformClient Code|Server Code|Live Site

Features: e have some courses that you can learn from our website. We have a secure login system that you can log in to our website. We have a blog option also. After login you can visit your profile. We also have an FAQ section on our website.You can buy courses from our website.

Tech: eact JS, Express JS, MongoDB, TailwindCSS, Firebase, React To PDF

Back-End Projects

1. Book Catalog ServiceServer Code|Live Site

Features: his is a Book Catalog BackEnd RestAPI. Using this RestAPI you can create users, login with JWT token. There are role based authentications. You can check out the code Readme file o understand about this API.

Tech: ypeScript, Node.JS, Express.JS, PostgreSQL, Prisma, JWT, Zod, Winston

Team Project as a Team Leader

1. Freemium Articles

Features: reemium is a full-stack website for writing and blogging to share and find ideas, stories, and perspectives. Login to make a story and follow, unfollow, and subscribe to a user. writer and reporter. Premium members can view high-quality stories. Premium members must pay vai SSLCOMMERZ to pay. Users and writers can talk like Facebook.

Tech: eact JS, Express JS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, Redux Toolkit,, SSLCOMMERZ


Kushtia Polytechnic Institute, Kushtia, Mechanical Engineering Diploma 2018 - 2022


English, Bangla, Hindi, Urdu